Accelerate your program.

Just like an iceberg, customer marketing is more than just nominations and requests. If you only pay attention to the top half, you'll get sunk by the management.

Orca comes not only with managing reference calls and nominations, but also with features to expand your program, increase usage, drive home ROI, and engage all of your colleagues.

Optimizing Customer Marketing Programs

Maintaining a healthy program is hard enough. Try expanding, analyzing, rewarding, and even just setting up referrals. Orca's core features enable you to spend less time on the mundane tasks and invest more time in the higher ROI activities. Below you'll learn more about the various features Orca has to elevate your custom marketing program to the next level and drive home the ROI you put in.

Advocate Campaigns

Integrate your advocates into your campaign hierarchy, enable your advocates to launch referral campaigns, and launch an advocate expansion campaign. All while automatically tracking lead generation, opportunity attribution, and response rates.

Loyalty Programs

With Orca Points, you can launch both external loyalty programs and internal adoption programs to increase adoption.

Rapid Adoption

Orca components are accessible on the contact, account, and opportunity Salesforce record pages to reduce confusion and streamline adoption. Utilize Orca's internal gamification program to decrease your time-time launch and increase the usage of your advocates.


Orca's components work seamlessly with Salesforce experience site builder, drag and drop components to showcase a advocate leaderboard, referral landing page, and more.

UX Feedback Initiatives

Launch product feedback initiatives for new features and functionality while automatically tracking responses back in Salesforce.

Real-Time Metrics

Orca's direct integration to Salesforce enables you to run real-time analytics on the health of your program.


100% native means all your data is actually your data. Orca is a 100% on-premise solution for your Salesforce instance. Learn more here.

Elevate your customer marketing program