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Orca is a customer marketing and reference management application built 100% native to Salesforce®. Designed to bring structure and insights into your program. Dive down to learn more.

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Orca is an intuitive, easily adoptable, and flexible platform directly on the Salesforce ecosphere - built for Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and more

Customer Marketing, Streamlined

Directly Within Your Salesforce

Fuel Growth

Centralize your program and workflows to enable company-wide connectivity.

A native Salesforce application which conforms to the same security settings and sharing rules that you have already created within Salesforce, no integrations required.

References have more than an 80% likelihood of influencing a B2B purchasing decision. The highest influence rate of any marketing activity.

We're more than just a reference tool because advocacy is more than just reference calls.

Orca Workflows optimize important processes such as nominations and advocate requests by streamlined communication, the scheduling of events, and gathering feedback. These automations ensure you spend more time nurturing advocates to close more deals.

Core Platform

Keeping your advocacy program active, structured, and healthy

nomination workflow management

Fatigue Management

Orca automatically tracks how often your customer advocates are being used to ensure those customers are not overused. Orca's fatigue management runs in real-time so you never have to worry about spreadsheet tracking.

Workflow Management

From auto-approval rules for nominations and advocate requests to streamlined scheduling, Orca's workflow automations ensure you are spending time nurturing advocates and closing more deals.

Streamlined Nominations

With Orca nominations, you can quickly tag activities, products, and frequency usage limits. Our components help streamline the process to cut time and increase efficiency of nominations.

expanding advocacy

Reference Calls

From finding the ideal advocate for your speaking engagement to getting a reference call setup, Orca enables you to locate, request, and engage your customers in the activities your organization needs.

Content Hub

Advocacy is more than just reference calls. Sharing content is another significant portion of customer marketing that usually goes un-recognized. Orca makes it lightning fast to find applicable content and share links with your advocates.


Want to record referrals? Or maybe track the efficiency of a referral campaign? Orca can integrate with any tool in Zapier to help streamline those processes, or with a few clicks, record them manually and directly within SFDC.

maximizing metrics & KPIs


Being able to quickly and clearly communicate your program's KPIs to executives to get alignment and further buy-in is always top-of-mind. Thats why we created a simple KPI dashboard for you to track and compare Win Rate, Deal Velocity, and ASP.

Orca Hub

The Orca Hub is your colleague's best friend. Real-time updates within the hub provide visibility on both nomination and advocate requests.

Metrics + Dashboards

Real-time has never been more important which is why Orca's native reports and dashboards help you increase win rates and reduce kinks within your advocate program instantaneously.

Our Benefits

The benefits you can trust to ensure your advocates are happy and engaged.

Accelerate adoption through a fully integrated experience

Centralized communications to streamline cooperation

100% native means no compliance or security risks

Streamline your implementation with our fully integrated support center

From Our Pod

Since day one of our partnership with Orca, they stepped in as a consultative partner to us. They understand our goals, our challenges, and not just where we want to be in a month but where we want to be in a year plus.

Sarah Haberman

Manager of Customer Marketing, Drift

The Orca team has provided such a powerful and easy-to-use Reference Management tool for any size company. The best part: they haven't over-engineered it or made it more complex than it needs to be.

Michael Sciano

Sr. Director, Customer Marketing

I see the main value of Orca is that it gives our ramping reps the same reference resources that our veteran reps have built up over time and keeps us from over using our star references.

Simon Ooley

Director Of Sales, Buildr

Advocate Program Resources

Take a look through our blog help get a better idea how to launch and run a successful advocate program today.

What is the best end-of-year gift to provide a b2b client?

The best end-of-year gift for a B2B client will depend on the specific relationship and the preferences of the client.

Customer Marketing

Customer Advocacy Benefit Overview

Customer advocacy is the act of actively supporting and promoting the interests of customers within a company.

Customer Marketing

Importance of Customer Advocacy

Customer advocacy is the practice of actively and deliberately working to ensure that the needs and preferences of your customers are being met, and that their overall experience with your company is positive.

Customer Marketing

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