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Some thoughts on customer marketing, advocacy, and go to market solutions.

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Customer Marketing Programs

Customer marketing leverages the opinions of happy, loyal customers to generate buzz for a business through referrals, reviews, and more. Learn how.

Customer Marketing

What Is an Example of Consumer Marketing?

Consumer marketing focuses on brand loyalty and advocacy using referrals, references, case studies, and public event management. What is an example?

Customer Marketing

What Is the Impact of Customers in the Field of Marketing?

Learn about how you can leverage loyal customers’ perspectives to enhance your marketing initiatives and attract new business.

Customer Marketing

What Are the Three Types of Consumers and Their Characteristics?

The success of your customer marketing program hinges on who you choose as your brand advocates. Discover how to make informed selections here.

Customer Marketing

Why Is Customer Marketing Important?

If you don’t have a customer marketing program, you’re leaving revenue on the table. Customer marketing is invaluable to sales, especially in B2B.

Customer Marketing

How Can You Improve Customer Marketing?

When marketing a business, your customers are the best people for the job. This is why you should invest in your customers—for their benefit and yours.

Customer Marketing