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Orca is a 100% native Salesforce® application crafted to bring structure and insights into your customer programs. Dive down to learn more.

Manage your

Customer Advocacy

all on one platform.

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One Solution, Built For Customer Led Growth

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Manage your 

Customer Advocacy

 all on one platform.

Built to capture, analyze, and expand customer-led revenue by broadening the usage of reference calls and customer content; monitoring marketing content gaps; and uncovering more referral revenue opportunities.

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Customer Stories

Prior to implementing Orca, I was spending around 80% of my time fulfilling reference requests from our sales team through manual processes via email or spreadsheets. We really needed a tool to automate the request, fulfillment, and tracking processes, and Orca has done exactly that.

Customer Marketing Manager
Sarah Howell

The Orca team has provided such a powerful and easy-to-use Reference Management tool for any size company. The best part: they haven't over-engineered it or made it more complex than it needs to be.

Sr. Director, Customer Lifecycle Marketing
Michael Sciano

Like so many others, I constantly turned to an outdated spreadsheet or an email to my co-workers. Orca has changed the game. With Orca’s well thought out and easy to use salesforce integration, I can nominate new references and find references for all of my deals in seconds while never breaking stride in my normal sales process.

Director of Sales
Kevin Brown

The Orca team has figured out how to manage a growing reference pool for existing and ramping sales reps very well.

Director of Sales
Simon Ooley

Before Orca, I was tracking references in an excel spreadsheet. Requests from sales would get lost in email and slack. More importantly, I had no ability to report out on the impact references were having on in-pipeline deals and close rates. Now, sales can easily click a few buttons to request, I can track everything in one place, and I can quickly pull reports to prove the value of my reference program on the business.

Director, Customer Marketing
Chelsey Axline

When I needed to produce reports for C-level executives, there was no hesitation to jump on a call and walk me through everything I needed to know. I wholeheartedly recommend Orca for all your Advocacy program and Reference needs!

Customer Marketing Manager
Caitlyn Williams

The user-friendliness of Orca Reference is unparalleled. The interface is intuitively designed, making it easy for our sales and customer success team to quickly adapt and learn the product.

Customer Marketing Manager
Thalita Carrico

Not only do they help us make sure the tool is working well but they also act as partners in making sure that our overall reference program is successful. They also value our feedback and have implemented changes in their tool as a result of our use cases. I feel like a very valued customer because of their care and attention.

Manager, Client Advocacy
Sarah Zimmel

Customer Marketing

Orca is a powerful and dynamic platform directly within the Salesforce ecosphere - built to seamlessly enable customer marketing collaboration between Marketing, Customer Success, and Sales for all of your customer marketing needs.

The Analytics First

Sharable and Intuitive
Native Interface

Customer-Led Accelerated Growth

Centralize your program, amplify marketing efforts, and configure workflows to enable company-wide connectivity.

Native Salesforce applications conform to your existing security settings and sharing rules. No integrations required and you never have to share your data.

References have more than an 80% likelihood of influencing a B2B purchasing decision, the highest influence rate of any marketing activity.

Need more from customer marketing?

Orca seamlessly enables collaboration between your revenue departments through automation workflows and lightning-enabled components.

Optimize important processes such as nominations and advocate requests by streamlined communication, automate scheduling reference calls, and capture program revenue impact in real-time.

Orca ensures less time is spend on time-intensive manual tasks, leaving you more time to nurturing advocates, grow you program, and close more deals.

Capture the pulse of your marketing organization

Gain unparalleled control over your advocacy program, allowing you to pinpoint and address gaps with proactive measures. Manage your advocacy engagements efficiently to avoid overusing your advocates, while simultaneously keeping a close eye on the real-time revenue impact. Our industry-leading reporting tools offer not just data, but actionable insights, ensuring that every decision you make is informed, strategic, and impactful

Pursue prospects with advocacy engaged activities

Tools that are built for sales - quickly find advocates and content. Leverage AI to generate business cases, win stories, or send personalized emails tailored to your unique prospect. With lightning-enabled components, an external scheduler, and AI-powered recommendations when pursuing a prospect your sales team won’t skip a beat.

Acquire new revenue with advocacy led engagement

Create targeted landing pages to engage prospects and secure quality leads. Our platform helps you build powerful campaigns and rich customer content, enhancing your reach. Plus, with Orca’s LinkedIn integration, you can automatically update your sales team when advocates change jobs. Orca simplifies lead generation, keeping you connected and ahead.

Elevate with Integrations

Connect integrations into your customer marketing program with Salesforce, Slack, OpenAI, LinkedIn, Zapier, and more.

Advocate Program Resources

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One Solution, Built For Customer Led Growth