About Me

I love to help solve problems through strong relationships, creative thinking, and technology.

My career has taken me from the sidelines of the Sports & Entertainment industry to the evolving world of Technology where I helped launch and now head up sales for a 100% native Salesforce application, Orca.

Outside of work I enjoy traveling the world, walking my dog (Miss B.), making dinner with my family, and cheering on the Irish!


What Is an Example of Consumer Marketing?

Consumer marketing focuses on brand loyalty and advocacy using referrals, references, case studies, and public event management. What is an example?

Customer Marketing

What Is the Impact of Customers in the Field of Marketing?

Learn about how you can leverage loyal customers’ perspectives to enhance your marketing initiatives and attract new business.

Customer Marketing

Why Is Customer Marketing Important?

If you don’t have a customer marketing program, you’re leaving revenue on the table. Customer marketing is invaluable to sales, especially in B2B.

Customer Marketing

How Can You Improve Customer Marketing?

When marketing a business, your customers are the best people for the job. This is why you should invest in your customers—for their benefit and yours.

Customer Marketing

Customer Marketing Plan

A customer marketing plan is essential to optimize your business success. Learn what benefits they bring and how to make one, step-by-step.

Customer Marketing

Customer Marketing

Without a customer-first approach, your brand advocacy might not be highly successful. Our ultimate guide to customer marketing will help you start.

Customer Marketing

B2B Customer Marketing Strategy

Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools. A customer marketing strategy turns satisfied customers into your greatest asset. Discover how.

Customer Marketing

Customer Marketing Framework

There’s power and potential in knowing your customers well. Learn how to develop a customer advocacy program with a 4-part framework.

Customer Marketing

Customer Marketing Examples: How to Turn Customers into Brand Ambassadors

Discover effective customer marketing tactics, from case studies to customer references, and see how thriving companies leverage customer advocacy to grow.

Customer Marketing

What Is B2B Customer Marketing?

Discover how B2B customer marketing can boost your brand's appeal and expand your reach—plus, learn about several successful customer marketing strategies.

Customer Marketing

What Are Different Types of Customer Marketing?

Customer marketing will help you reach more customers by leveraging your brand advocates. What types of customer marketing are there?

Customer Marketing

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