About Us

Founded in Austin, Texas, Orca was built under the premise to create a solution for effectively managing a customer advocacy program within Salesforce. 

We work to balance the capabilities of Salesforce with the end-user experience to deliver a powerful yet mindful sales application. Orca opens the door for companies and users to leverage existing relationships and data to accelerate business growth.

Our user-friendly and native interface promotes quick adoption and implementation for new customers as well as a streamlined workflow that aligns with a traditional sales cycle.

• Design a platform to be intuitively simple. 

• Enable customers to continually engage.

• Listen to our customers to solve problems.

Scott Grimes
Reigning from Santa Barbara, CA; Scott graduated from Notre Dame with a BS in Statistics and MS in Applied Computational Mathematics and Statistics. After graduating, he began working for Procore Technologies and since launched Orca. Scott lives in Austin, Texas.

Scott enjoys surfing, Notre Dame football, cooking, and hanging out with his dog Penny!
Andru Creighton
From college football operations to football helmet sales, Andru has held a number of positions in the sports world. A 2013 Notre Dame graduate, Andru joined Orca in January 2020 to lead the go-to-market strategy and sales efforts. Andru lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Andru enjoys skiing, all things pro and college sports, traveling, and playing fetch with his dog, Bailey!
Mike Finney
After leading VICIS, a Seattle football helmet company, in sales for three consecutive years, Mike joined Orca to spearhead the sales and marketing effort in the early launch. Mike comes from the world of athletics, but after quickly recognizing the potential of Orca, he got right to work. Mike lives in Irvine, California.

Mike enjoys playing basketball, morning coffee, hiking with his dog Charlie, and all things L.A. Lakers.