Orca Experiences

Value-driving experiences

Enable customers and marketers to collaborate in more effective channels by leaning into the strength of the Salesforce ecosphere.

Built Into Your Customer's Experiences


increase in product feedback.

increase in customer retention rates.

more likely to become brand advocates.


Connect and grow at every stage of the customer journey

Utilize new opportunities to nurture customers to strengthen your relationships.
  • Send dynamically segmented or program wide missions
  • Missions for reference calls, referrals, testimonials, reviews, surveys & feedback, content sharing, and more
  • Track outreach, engagement, and gifting in one place

Capture content from the most impactful customer stories

Segment missions to engage the right individuals with timely requests, maximizing impact - all at scale.
  • Run a survey mission with conditional logic
  • Discover customer priorities and offer a rewarding experience aligned with their specific objectives
  • Share missions, award badges, and issue points to drive engagement
  • Provide a logged-in customer facing experience

Celebrate and show thanks

Showing appreciation for your customers goes a long way. Be that big or small, thoughtful outreach and value-focused gifts drive overall program success.
  • Manage all your outreach and gifting activities seamlessly in Salesforce
  • Choose between one-off perks, redeemed value, or earned tiers
  • Relate all activity to Salesforce contact and account records, and report on program ROI
  • Integrate your awards using Zapier with gifting platforms such as Sendoso and Tango Card

Choose how you see data

How you view your data matters. Orca Analytics puts you in the driver seat to customize reports and dashboards - whether you start from scratch with our team or use any of Orca’s industry-sourced pre-built reports.
  • Over 30 out of the box reports and 5 out of the box dashboards
  • Fully customizable reporting and dashboards 
  • Powerful data visualization
  • Seamlessly integrate Orca with existing data warehouses and solutions
Social Proof

Engage prospects with relevant social proof

Extend Orca's content manage outside of Salesforce by including embedded social proof directly on your website.
  • Share testimonials and reviews captured internally or through review sites such a G2 and Capterra
  • Defer reference requests with more externally facing social proof
  • Drive more engagement with persona and industry filterable social proof

Content Integrations

Integrate your favorite content hosting platforms to maximize usage metrics and engagement

One Solution, Built For Customer Led Growth