Reference Program Management

Reference calls, optimized

Simplifying the journey from reference request to insightful feedback.

Recruit - Nominate - Engage - Measure - Grow

Effortlessly recruit new advocates, nominate standout customers, nurture lasting connections, and expand your customer program to enable value-driven business outcomes. Leverage a reference program as the foundation for so much more customer led value. Learn more about Orca manages your reference call journey from request to feedback.

Speed up the sales cycle

Reduce the time and effort it takes to find, request, and connect customer references so deals move faster.
  • Identify a reference in a matter of seconds or leverage AI recommendations
  • Approve, deny, recommend references or defer requests with content
  • 100% Salesforce Native mean a familiar experience and only one login

Accurate data for informed decisions

Get up to date customer information without syncing data and breakdown data silos with easily accessible customer, company and program information.
  • Create a single source of truth for all customer facing teams
  • Measure and track revenue attribution
  • Extract data for improved program performance and long term value
  • Share program revenue impact reports and dashboards automatically

Increase program accountability

Track outstanding tasks both internally and externally - helping ensure a quality and transparent experience from request to close.
  • Task and program update notifications via Slack, Email, or Experience Site
  • Gain insight into every request for customers and referrals from customers
  • Strategically engage customers with any opportunity

Capture the heartbeat of your customer program

Identify and take action on program gaps, track engagement, manage your advocacy commitments, eliminate burnout, and monitor revenue impact in real-time.
  • View and analyze historical engagement for contacts and accounts
  • Track customer usage to eliminate burnout and overusing key customers
  • Hold advocates accountable for your program commitment requirements

One Solution, Built For Customer Led Growth