Orca + Data PRivacy & Security

Built-In Data Privacy & Security.

Orca's partnership with Salesforce is paramount and our solution exists entirely within the Salesforce ecosphere. The trust you put into Salesforce is the same trust that you can put into our 100% native Salesforce application.

Salesforce Native Data Management

100% native means all your data is actually your data. Orca is installed directly into your Salesforce instance, meaning it becomes an extension to your existing Salesforce operating system.

Native Solution

Orca is built upon your current Salesforce infrastructure and data model; enabling you to leverage the same workflows, page layouts, and other applications currently configured.

Security & Trust

Being 100% native, means all business logic is hosted entirely within your Salesforce instance. Permissions and access are controlled through the security positions you already have setup.


Smoother data flow, enhanced collaboration, and reduced manual work mean that the overall business can function more efficiently. Because data can be shared more reliably, there’s no wasted time in having to hunt down the right information and burden your customers.

One Solution, Built For Customer Led Growth