Customer Advocacy Programs

Programs built for customer relationships

Equip your program with the insights and automation needed to drive growth and streamline customer opportunities.

Automations Built for Success


Identify and engage with key customers

Discover and engage new advocates with tailored participation levels through public and private channels using a welcoming approach.
  • Allow customers to opt-in for different levels of participation like reference calls, speaking engagements, product feedback, surveys, reviews, and more
  • Leverage health scores or other existing customer data points to uncover new advocates
  • Track recruitment communications and tasks within Salesforce
  • Enable multiple channels for advocate nominations including in-app experiences

Built trust through relevant opportunities

Provide a structured way to involve customers through exclusive content, community access, and personalized engagements.
  • Create and manage advocate campaigns
  • Organize and locate advocates in a dynamic, yet familiar lightning-enabled interface
  • Track communication, participation, and results

Cultivate mutual connections

Strengthen advocate relationships with a thoughtful approach to customer lead opportunities.
  • Analyze engagement outcomes to support program growth
  • Launch in-app missions with relevant content or product training material
  • Utilize Orca+LinkedIn for program health updates and referral leads

Amplify growth through customer referrals

Turn customers into influential promoters.
  • Launch community wide, in-app referral missions, or email referral campaigns
  • Track and monitor referral outcomes
  • Automate referrals with Orca+LinkedIn

KPI Measurements

Real-time analytics to enable thoughtful and accurate decisions

Revenue Impact Analysis

Program Health

Advocacy Engagement Score

One Solution, Built For Customer Led Growth