native applications

Built for performance and reliability

100% native applications built into Salesforce's Lightning Platform enables more accurate data to more reliable performance with greater data security.

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Best in class security

Native applications adhere to the same security protocols and compliance standards as Salesforce.
  • Data does not leave the Salesforce environment
  • All apps on the Salesforce AppExchange must pass the ISV Security Review prior to being published on the AppExchange.

Faster, more reliable performance

Native Salesforce applications fetch from the Lightning Platform database directly, eliminating the complexity and performance drag associated with the request/send functions of the API method.
  • Consolidate data and touch points in one location
  • As the business grows, native apps adapt to increased data volumes, and requirements providing a long term solution
  • Salesforce and all native apps are covered by a single SLA, which is the one you signed with Salesforce

Faster implementation

Launch a consistent user interface to reduce time to value and increase adoption
  • Native makes it easier for admins to install updates, manage permissions, and configure settings without leaving the Salesforce environment
  • Native apps are designed to match the look and feel of Salesforce
  • Reduce the risk of manual data entry errors

Protect your data

100% Native to Salesforce means your data stays in your Salesforce while Orca continues to follow your existing data security policies.
  • Increase customer visibility without compromising security
  • Ensure your data is safe with Salesforce’s industry leading data security policies and protocols
  • Data updates in real time - no more waiting for data to sync

One Solution, Built For Customer Led Growth