Content Management

Develop, distribute, and analyze

Simplify content management from creation to analysis, making it easy to craft, share, and track your marketing efforts for maximum impact.

Fresh and Relevant Content


increase in conversion rates when social proof and advocacy-led content is shared.

of prospects in the evaluation stage cited testimonials and case studies as the most influential types of content.

of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review.


Build content through multiple channels

More ways to expand your pool of customer-led content.
  • Leverage custom templates to organize opportunity insights in win stories
  • AI-enhancements to extract key information from existing content
  • Review site tracking for monitoring social proof
  • In-app product surveys to capture immediate feedback and testimonials

Share social proof

Enable revenue teams to share content directly from an opportunity record in Salesforce, surface AI-recommended content, and explore your entire content library.
  • Track content shares and influence metrics
  • Leverage customer-generated content to add authenticity and depth to your revenue initiatives
  • Share content as attachments, embedded hyperlinks, and public-facing experience site pages
  • Embed social proof in your website with dynamic filtering

Missions to generate and engage content

Segment customers into targeted missions to capture sentiment, collect product feedback, share content, and more.
  • Segmentation based on customer data
  • Track outreach and engagement in one place
  • Collect then share your videos, case studies, blogs, external resources, and more

Choose how you see data

Understanding content usage and creation matters. Orca Analytics puts you in the driver seat to customize reports and dashboards - whether you start from scratch with our team or use any of Orca’s industry-sourced pre-built reports.
  • Over 30 out of the box reports and 5 out of the box dashboards
  • Custom reporting to track content utilization
  • Powerful data visualization

One Solution, Built For Customer Led Growth