Orca + GTM

Built for revenue teams to scale.

Fostering a culture of collaboration and unified ambition for growth.

revenue driving

Reduce turnaround times

Reduce the time and effort it takes to find, request and approve customer references so deals close faster.
  • Identify a reference in a matter of seconds or leverage AI recommendation
  • Create a paper trail of reference requests all in Salesforce
  • Approve, deny, recommend or defer requests with content
  • Follow the reference request form start to close
cross functional

Align teams with customer advocacy

Orca breaks down departmental silos, creating a collaborative space where insights and feedback are shared seamlessly across teams.
  • Launch Net Promoter Score (NPS) missions to gather customer sentiment
  • Analyze interactions and take action on product feedback, market changes, and customer needs
  • Achieve a holistic view of customer interactions, ensuring cohesive and informed processes

At your pace

Support scalable engagement models that adapt to expanding customer bases and market opportunities.
  • Manage small and large scale customer interactions
  • Grow with the flexibility and reliability of Salesforce
  • Create a plan to scale from reference calls to an immersive in-app experiences

One Solution, Built For Customer Led Growth