Orca + Marketing

Built to capture, share, and grow customer programs.

The industry-leading tool for marketing teams to capture revenue attribution while increasing advocacy-led opportunities and collaboration with sales organizations.

Built for Marketers to
Manage Overuse and Burnout


Strategically engage with customers to fuel growth

Equip teams with the data and tools needed to engage customers in a meaningful way, turning customer interactions into a strategic assets for growth.
  • Tailor outreach to customers through timely and relevant interactions
  • Identify and leverage enthusiastic customers to capture and share their voice
  • Prioritize resources to produce new, impactful content from key customers

Work better together, in one place

Bridge the gap between revenue teams teams in one centralized hub for customer data - allowing you to improve the customer experience.
  • Capture a holistic view of your customer interactions to ensure cohesive and informed interactions
  • Eliminate department silos, boost visibility, and accountability
  • Recommend customer-generated content to share with prospects and customers

Oversee every phase of your customer program

Execute your plan with centralized collaboration and standardized processes.
  • One tool for customer references, referrals, content, advocacy, and a community all built on a single foundation within Salesforce
  • Keep advocates engaged, interested, and motivated
  • Leverage revenue impact data, historial program usage, and value added initiatives from Salesforce dashboards

Leverage every interaction

Your data is your most powerful ally. Turn your project information into meaningful, actionable insights that will guide your business. 
  • Historical analysis for improved forecasting
  • Extract trends from larger datasets
  • Identify patterns with Orca-AI
  • Analyze advocates with customized account and contact-based segmentation
Social Proof

Engage prospects with relevant social proof

Extend Orca's content manage outside of Salesforce by including embedded social proof directly on your website.
  • Share testimonials and reviews captured internally or through review sites such a G2 and Capterra
  • Defer reference requests with more externally facing social proof
  • Drive more engagement with persona and industry filterable social proof

One Solution, Built For Customer Led Growth