Orca + Sales

Engineered to drive revenue and strengthen customer connections.

Orca offers actionable data to accelerate and simplify the path from prospect to customer.

Achieve a 14% higher win rate

Learn how organizations are utilizing Orca to save time and optimize opportunity workflows below.

reference calls

Speed up turnaround

Reduce the time and effort it takes to find, request, and approve customer references so deals close faster.
  • Identify a reference in a matter of seconds or leverage AI recommendations directly on an opportunity
  • Create a paper trail of reference requests all in Salesforce
  • Approve, deny, recommend, and defer requests with content
  • Follow the reference request form start to close

From request to close, faster

Orca lives where sales people live, directly within Salesforce.
  • Surface and share relevant customer content at the right stage of a sales cycle
  • A user interface designed to match Salesforce with components on the contact, account and opportunity records
  • Streamline the process of identifying and requesting references

Choose how you see data

How you view your data matters. Orca Analytics puts you in the driver seat to customize your reports and dashboards - whether you start from scratch with our team or use any of Orca’s industry-sourced pre-built reports.
  • Over 30 out of the box reports and 5 out of the box dashboards
  • Custom reporting to measure revenue impact
  • Powerful data visualization

One Solution, Built For Customer Led Growth