Orca + In-App Advocacy

Engage customers beyond Salesforce

Take Orca for a swim outside the Salesforce ecosphere with In-App Advocacy directly within your tooling.

Engage Customers with
Targeted In-App Missions


Connect and grow at every stage of the customer journey

Utilize opportunities to nurture customers to strengthen your relationships directly within your product.
  • Send targeted or program wide missions
  • Mission for reference calls, referrals, testimonials, reviews, surveys & feedback, content sharing, and more.
  • Track outreach, engagement, and gifting in one place

Refine outreach and focus

Leverage account and contact-based segmentation to identify and engage distinct customer groups based on key indicators.
  • Tailor your messaging and missions to meet the unique needs and preferences of each segment
  • Utilize program analytics to refine and adapt segments for optimal engagement
  • Gain insights effectiveness and customer engagement with tracking and reporting capabilities in Salesforce

Value driving interactions at every touch point

Craft meaningful experiences that resonate and convert to broaden the accessibility of customer advocacy to all customers.
  • Implement opt-in campaigns that respect customer preferences, ensuring participation feels voluntary and valued
  • Offer ways for customers to contribute from low-effort surveys to more involved reference calls
  • Design feedback loops that are both informative for the business and rewarding for the customer, making every interaction a chance to enhance their experience

Align with customer preferences

Meet customers where they are using a variety of methods to allow for a diverse and flexible engagement strategy for more effective advocacy
  • Drive engagement within your product through in-app messages and notifications, offering timely and relevant advocacy opportunities
  • Track and analyze engagement across channels to identify the most effective strategies and optimize future outreach
Social Proof

Engage prospects with relevant social proof

Extend Orca's content manage outside of Salesforce by including embedded social proof directly on your website.
  • Share testimonials and reviews captured internally or through review sites such a G2 and Capterra
  • Defer reference requests with more externally facing social proof
  • Drive more engagement with persona and industry filterable social proof

One Solution, Built For Customer Led Growth