About Me

Reigning from Santa Barbara, CA; Scott graduated from Notre Dame with a BS in Statistics and MS in Applied Computational Mathematics and Statistics. After graduating, he began working for Procore Technologies and since launched Orca. Scott lives in Austin, Texas.

Scott enjoys surfing, Notre Dame football, cooking, and hanging out with his dog Penny!


Customer Marketing Programs

Customer marketing leverages the opinions of happy, loyal customers to generate buzz for a business through referrals, reviews, and more. Learn how.

Customer Marketing

What Are the Three Types of Consumers and Their Characteristics?

The success of your customer marketing program hinges on who you choose as your brand advocates. Discover how to make informed selections here.

Customer Marketing

How Do You Create a Customer Marketing Plan?

Customers are your greatest allies. Discover how to effectively use customer loyalty to your advantage and create a customer marketing plan here

Customer Marketing

What Is a Customer Marketing Plan?

A solid customer marketing plan drives new business growth through customer reviews, referrals, and more. Learn what goes into an effective plan.

Customer Marketing

What Is Customer Marketing?

Decipher multiple customer marketing tactics, see how they fit into your overall strategy, and discover the best all-in-one tool that gets the job done.

Customer Marketing

What Are Customer Based Marketing Strategies Examples?

Customer-based marketing strategies can provide high return on investment if done well. Learn more about how they work with real examples you can use.

Customer Marketing

How Do You Create a Customer Marketing Strategy?

With a robust customer marketing strategy, B2B organizations can realize a myriad of benefits. Learn about the steps and tools that enable success.

Customer Marketing

What Are the 5 Stages of the Customer Journey?

Learn what the five stages of the customer journey are, how they apply to B2B customer marketing, and what tools can help you carry them out effectively.

Customer Marketing

What is the best end-of-year gift to provide a b2b client?

The best end-of-year gift for a B2B client will depend on the specific relationship and the preferences of the client.

Customer Marketing

Customer Advocacy Benefit Overview

Customer advocacy is the act of actively supporting and promoting the interests of customers within a company.

Customer Marketing

Importance of Customer Advocacy

Customer advocacy is the practice of actively and deliberately working to ensure that the needs and preferences of your customers are being met, and that their overall experience with your company is positive.

Customer Marketing

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